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One Day, Three Races!

The SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Omnium brought to you by Rairdon's Fiat of Kirland


Race all three or just race one (Omnium Format).


If you race all three you are entered into the individual overall contest. The overall contest is based on the combined time gap of all three events. Your category for the overall is based off the average (rounded, .5 rounded down) cat of your team in the TTT. ie. if a Cat 1 races with 3 Cat 3's they will all be racing as Cat 2's as they have a team average of 2.5.

Team Time Trial

The "un-official" Washington State Team Time Trial Championship. It's back, closer to home and without traffic. You could race just this event and have a spectacular day.


Bring your best bling, time trial gear and let it rip


This is a tight course (PR Flats, 2 mile loop) and there will be lots of corners and passing.


8 laps of the PR Flats course, 15.2 miles


3-4 person teams scored off the third rider crossing the finish

Individual Time Trial

Just you against the clock. What did you save from the TTT? What do you save for the Team Relay (former Little 150)? This may be more of a chess match than a physical throw down for those in the overall.


5 laps of the PR Flats course. Roughly 9.5 miles


TT bikes, helmets, deep dish wheels, skin suits, shoe covers ... bring it all

Team Relay

This is a team event for 1-4 person teams. Only one person on the course at a time. Similar to a Madison format but with a much simplier exchange

You can "pit" out to change riders on any lap. Each "overall" contestant must take at least four laps. It is raced on a standard road bike (not a TT bike). When you pit you don't exchange bikes like in the Little 500, you ride your individual, geared, with brakes road bike.

It was a great event last year and we are going to shorten the duration and size of the lap to improve it for this year.

100 minutes, Lap countdown in closing laps. Everyone finishes on the last lap

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